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You said, we did

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You said We did
You told us that you had issues regarding transition We have produced a protocol (way of working) which sets out how the different services involved in the transition process for young people and parents/carers operate.This protocol has been co-produced with contributions from parents, and comments from young people and can be accessed here.
You told us that the Home to School transport did not meet your childs needs We made some positive changes summarised here and further information in the Transport section here 
You told us that parents, children and young people were not consulted enough We employed a new Engagement Officer to support this work.
You told us there were more changing places than we had published on the website. We researched this and added the new ones here.
You told us you wanted more photographs Sadly Hull College were unable to work with us, so we met with CASE and hopefully their photography students will be taking lots of photographs to make the website appealing, including photographs of local places and people.
You told us you were unhappy with some aspects of Transport to school A SEND Accountability Forum (SAF) workstream was dedicated to transport and many changes have been made. See details here.
You told Ofsted that you did not know about the services available in Hull for you and you families. We ran a promotion on Facebook and Twitter to attract more visitors to the website and social media. 
You emailed asking for caravan holidays for your child and gymnastic sessions We sent you a link to the Holidays section of the website and the Hull Special Olympics gymnastic page.
You told Ofsted that not enough people knew about the Local Offer website We have identified additinal resources to support with marketing and communicating the Local Offer and are developing a plan to address this.

2018 ^^

It needs more pictures to make the website more attractive
We are requesting pictures and adding them to relevant places on the website. We are looking into working with Hull College students to replace all cartoon icons with pictures of local people.


More information on school's local offer and link to website

Where possible, the website links to schools local offer/SEND pages.
Please include information on continence. We added information on continence care here.
Can support services be split into different headings for the disability/special need they support to make it easier to search for the correct help. We added 16 categories down the left side of the screen to enable users to choose the services right for their need.
You dont have a web reader, can you add one We do have a web reader call BrowseAloud but it has become clear that nobody actually knows what it is or does.  We have started promoting this on social media and look at ways of highlighting it on the website
Its boring, we want more pictures Some pictures have been added to special school entries and we are working on including more pictures in other areas of the website.
The introduction to 'Special Schools' is too wordy and difficult to understand We have made the introduction simplier to understand with fewer words.
It would be useful to have social media We created a Facebook page and a Twitter account
You asked if logo's could be added to support services to help you identify them easier Logo's have been added, some are outstanding and we are working on these.
You shared concerns about changing facilities in hull swimming pools. Feedback was shared with Hull Culture and Leisure who provided a list of changing facilities available to you and your children here
Can we have information on bus passes, where and how to obtain them, its confusing. Information has been added on bus passes here and links to the relevant Hull City Council web page
I would like pictures of people in wheelchairs. During consultation this was only highlighted by one person, should more people request pictures we shall look at adding them.
Please add NRS wheelchair repair services Information on this service added to relevant section.
I cant find information on KIDS befriending service. Information on this service added to website.
No information on Transition. Currently services are working on creating a Transition Protocol.  As soon as any information is available to be shared, it will be put on website.
Searched for swimming but no results came up Swimming entries added to the website.
The information on sexual health is not clear or complete and Cornerhouse is missing We contacted City Health Care Partnership CIC and added relevant information, including information about Cornerhouse.
Search did not bring up results when we typed in a question for example - how much does it cost to go swimming. We are looking at the search function and continually developing it. We suggest that you pick a keyword for what you are looking for.  For example instead of typing ‘how much does it cost to go swimming’ type ‘swimming’.  This should bring up better results.
We do not know where to go first on the website to find the information we need. We changed the title from ‘Where you live’ to ‘All you need to know’ and put clearer instructions on the front page. We are still working on a suitable title for the main page.
I had problems accessing a weigh in clinic at my local children's centre because I was not allowed to take my son's pram (which I need to transport his oxygen) into the room. This caused me upset and stress and I didnt want to go back. We reported the problem to Integrated Service Manager, Children's Centres, who passed on the complaint to the children's centre workers who then contacted you
The search results came up in no particular order and it would be easier if they were listed alphabetically. Set the search function to list all results alphabetically - this has now (April 2018) being changed to the most appropriate result first.
The website was not user friendly for people with poor vision and poor literacy We researched a web reader and working towards installing it on our website in the next few months
You could not find anything on the old site as there was no search function Put in a new Search function which is easy to use and brings up useful results
During consultation that you like the look of the village on a site we used as an example. Created ' The City' using Hull and some of its landmarks
During consultation that you were worried that ' The City' might be 'too busy' and hard to follow for some people. We made ' The City' clear and concise, removing unnecessary images and also put tabs underneath to direct people to the relevant section without having to look at the map.

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