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Home to school transport 16-19 years

Home to school transport - opens in Hull City Council Website

Transport information update for September 2020 - Covid19 FAQ

Post 16 Special Education Needs Home to School Transport

Students who have special transport needs resulting from their Special Educational Needs or Disability may be provided with transport assistance to and from college or sixth form school once they are 16 and over the compulsory school age.

To meet the needs of individual children home to school transport for children with special educational needs is provided:

Hull City Council agreed a new policy in April 2014 (reviewed annually) Post 16 Transport Policy Statement 2019-2020 (Post 16 Transport policy 2019 2020.pdf) relating to special needs travel assistance.  A contribution of £340 towards the cost of travel is required from the student or parent/carer.


How to apply for a Post 16 Special Educational Needs Transport

If it is decided during the Education, Health, Care Plan (EHCP) assessment process that transport is necessary to meet the child’s needs; a Special Transport Needs for Students 19-20 form (Post 16 Transport Request Form 19-20.pdf) should be completed.

The needs of each individual student are specific to the young person and when organising home to school transport for a young person the School Transport Team will attempt to meet those needs.  In many cases where appropriate it will be expected that children will share transport to maximise cost effectiveness.

In all cases the young person needs will be reviewed and if necessary, reassessed at each annual review of the plan where it is decided that:

Transport information for post 19s can be found on Hull Connect to Support website here. 

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