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Wheelchair Services – Children and Adults

If you or your child feel you need a wheelchair or specialist buggy, please speak to a health or social care professional already involved in your care.  The Wheelchair Service can accept referrals from health or social care professionals, including therapists, medics, nursing staff and GP’s. If you already have an NHS funded wheelchair and would like to be reassessed or need to arrange a repair, you can contact the service directly. 

 The assessment centre can be found at:

 NRS Healthcare

Hull & East Riding NHS Wheelchair Service
Wheelchair Assessment Centre
11 Reed St

Tel: 0344 893 6375

Email: enquiries@her.nrs-uk.net

You or your child may be issued with a wheelchair, by the wheelchair service, if you/they:

1.  Require a chair for short term purposes -

  • following an episode of acute clinical intervention to support a hospital discharge
  • where extensive repair work is required to a wheelchair which is on long-term loan
  • are awaiting the delivery of a long-term loan wheelchair

2.  Require a wheelchair for long term use -

  • longer than 6 months and
  • can demonstrate that you would use a wheelchair at least three times a week.

3.  Require a wheelchair as part of an end of life care plan

4.  Are children over 36 months who require a wheelchair/buggy for mobility

5.  Are children under 36 months who have significant postural and mobility needs that cannot be met by commercially available buggies.

More choice about your wheelchair or buggy – Personal Wheelchair Budgets

If, following an assessment, you require a wheelchair or buggy, you can have choice about what you get by using a personal wheelchair budget (sometimes called a PWB or personal health budget).  Please download the Personal Wheelchair Budget Frequently Asked Questions factsheet for more information.

Personal Wheelchair Budget FAQ leaflet Hull - June 2018 

If you attend a clinic appointment, you will be asked to complete the Personal Wheelchair Support Plan before you attend and then bring it to the appointment with you. 


This is your chance to think about things that are important to you and that you think a wheelchair could help you with.  You might want to think about areas of your or your child’s life like -

  • taking part in activities and fun
  • taking part in leisure activities
  • independence
  • social life
  • moving around
  • pain and discomfort
  • helping to wash and dress
  • feeling included in wider society
  • managing your condition
  • communication
  • education and/or work
  • helping you feel free from worry
  • helping you feel safe and secure
  • helping a parent or carer to stay happy and healthy
  • help you feel more self-confident
  • help you feel more energetic and less tired
  • help you achieve the things that are important to you.

Virtual Wheelchair Consultations – COVID-19

People in Hull can now receive a wheelchair consultation virtually with the introduction of ‘Attend Anywhere’. Attend Anywhere is a secure video calling platform for pre-arranged appointments which is used and approved widely by the NHS and other organisations and provides a COVID-secure way to assess a patient’s wheelchair needs.


Last updated: 11/12/2021