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Early Years Portage Home Visiting Team 

Portage is an educational home-visiting service, provided by Hull City Council, for pre-school children 0-3 who have significant special educational needs and disabilities.

The team consists of 6 home visitors, a supervisor and an administrator.

All team members work part time, offering weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits depending on the needs

of families.


Portage supports parents and carers in their own home to develop their child's play and learning and promote positive outcomes.

Children learn new skills in familiar, comfortable surroundings and the idea is to have fun together whilst continuously assessing and promoting the child’s abilities.

Many parents have found Portage very helpful because of its supportive positive approach and the impact upon their child's development.


Information is shared with other professionals in agreement with parents and provided to the Early Years Inclusion Team as required. Transition visits to nursery are made as children leave the Portage service


Quotes from families

“The impact it has had on all our lives and especially our child’s is incredible”

“Sometimes it is so worrying having a child with special needs, but you have taught us so much already and shown us that he can get there with the right help”

A poem from a sibling

“she helps my brother learn new skills, she spreads her happiness around the room”

Contact – We are moving soon and will update our contact details as soon as we have them. Until then please contact us via email

What is portage? Opens the National Portage Association website.