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What can all children expect on transition from primary school to secondary school?

Transition from primary school to secondary school is a time of great change for all children. They move from the small nurturing environment of a primary school to a larger one, where they are generally expected to take more responsibility for their learning and behaviour including their readiness for lessons, and finding their own way around the school. Your child may be worried and anxious about this transition.

Each secondary school has its own arrangements with the primary schools that feed into them, to try to make the transition process as easy as possible. Some of these include visits from the staff at the secondary school to meet the pupils in their primary classrooms. Arrangements are often made for the children in year six to make a number of visits to their new school, so that they know what to expect. Once examinations have finished some secondary schools have an early admission before the summer holidays.

When children start at their new school, they can often find it confusing at first. Secondary schools will have arrangements in place to support and induct their year seven students into the new routines and environment.

For more information on what each school has in place, go to their web site, or phone the school and arrange for information to be sent to you. View secondary school details here