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What if my child is refusing to attend school?

You should make arrangements to go into school for a meeting to discuss any issues that your child maybe having that is causing them to miss school. This will enable procedures to be put in place to help your child. It is the head teacher’s decision to authorise or unauthorise absences. If the school does not consider the reasons you have provided (or you have failed to provide reasons) and decide to unauthorise your child's absences you may be faced with a fine or legal action. Not all schools have a named local authority Education Welfare Officer. However all schools can refer to the Education Welfare Service regarding penalty notices for unauthorised absence and holidays in term time. It is the school's responsibility to deal with non-attendance including home visits if they have not bought into the Education Welfare Service. More information here.

If your child has a special educational need or disability they will often have time off school for appointments. If they are refusing to attend school there may be things that can be put in place to support their transition back to school.