Resource Base Provision – What is it?

The purpose of a resource base is to provide targeted educational support to children who present with special educational needs, which will enable them to make progress and achieve educational outcomes.

Resource Bases are usually attached to and are part of a mainstream school setting so that those children identified as benefitting from access to a resource base have access to a blended learning program that offers the opportunity to access a mainstream curriculum and classroom as well as targeted support. 

The mission of any resource base is to:

  • Increase access to mainstream classes over time
  • Support access to a curriculum that encourages joy, interest and curiosity and which promotes the development of communication and interaction skills
  • Supports the development of skills and strategies to manage social, emotional and mental health issues such as anxiety e.g. by use of self –regulation strategies
  • Promote participation in cognition and learning activities
  • Develop confidence emotional well-being and happiness in learning.

Hull City Council currently have a number of resource base provisions as listed below:


Access to a Resource Base

All children attending a resource base will have an Education Health and Care plan, and access will be managed by the local authority as part of the statutory education, health and care plan pathway and school consultation with the mainstream school. Where a school responds positively to a school consultation and a placement is agreed, the local authority will name the mainstream school in section I of the EHC plan, with access to the resource base being detailed in section F of the EHC plan.

 For further information please contact Hull City Council SEND Assessment & Review Team:

SEND Assessment & Review Team, Brunswick House, Strand Close, Hull, HU2 9DB
Tel: 01482 616 007