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Transport Queries



Department responsible for query

Who to refer to for resolution

Contact Name and No.

Safeguarding concerns

To report major issues of pupil behaviour. Information will be assessed and appropriate departments contacted. These incidents include: sexualised behaviour, assaults, criminal damage, attempts to abscond, PA/driving raises family safeguarding concerns, child left at property with no appropriate adult.


Urgent/immediate safeguarding concerns


SEN transport        











Jodie Brown


01482 613 179

07769 907 311

Referrals will be made to relevant departments after assessment by SEN transport




Name tbc

01482 614 552


Behaviour on transport

Minor issues of pupil behaviour  (language, disagreements between pupils)





Major issues of pupil behaviour  see safeguarding



Minor issues of poor behaviour that are constant/repetitive or escalating


Operations Team











SEN Transport


PA discuss with parent on day of incident.


Planning team notify school of minor incidents                    CCU- educationtransport requests@hullcc.gov.uk

 (cc SENtransport@hullcc.gov.uk)





Jodie Brown


01482 615 108 

07769 907 311

Personal Budget Payment query

Payment not received

Payment incorrect

Changes to payment amount



Transport Coordinator




Jodie Brown


01482 613 179

Robert Palmer


01482 616002

 PA & driver issues/complaints

Parents complaint on PA language/behaviour

School complaints of PA response to child behaviour/language

PA not following health and safety guidance (ie seatbelt usage)

Possible training need identified





Operations Team



Darren Ward


01482 616230

07540 677 051


Risk Assessments

Requests for risk assessments

Updates to risk assessments

Support Plans

Medical needs forms ie epilepsy care plan

SEN transport

Jodie Brown


01482 615 108 or 616 991

07769 907 311

Post 16 Payment queries;

Payment refund queries

Raising invoices




Collection of parental contribution

Queries on outstanding Balance

Setting up budget plan




SEN Transport





  Debtors Team



Jodie Brown


01482 613 179 






Vicky Gibson

01482 613 727

Routes and Schedules

Vehicle not arrived at specified time

Not arrived at correct address

Pupil left at property boundary uncollected. (not seen entering home address)

Queries relating to timetables, routes and travel times


Planning Team


Sandra Hodder


01482 612 809

Individual short notice arrangements

Pupil ill

Short notice of parent/carer unavailable for pick up/drop off before/after school

Covid related closures

Individual pupil timetable updates when transport is already in place


Individual pupil timetable amendments when transport isn’t already in place



Planning Team









SEN Transport


CCU-educationtransport requests@hullcc.gov.uk


Parental requests received by SEN transport will be forward directly to planning team





Jodie Brown 


01482 613 179 / 616 991

07769 907 311

Child in Crisis

High emotional distress

Display of physical anxiety

At risk of self-harm or harm to others

Unable to comply with health and safety requirement for travel


SEN transport


Jodie Brown


01482 613 179

07769 907 311


LAC pupils

Amendments to home address

Transport amendments

(all pupils not under SEN cost code – queries must be raised by social care)



Planning Team


CCU-educationtransport requests@hullcc.gov.uk


Applications, Assessments, Appeals

Unhappy with application process

Timescale of applications

Disagreements with behavioural assessments/risk assessments

Appeal against refusal to offer transport

Exceptional circumstance referrals




Access and Inclusion





01492 616 100

07725 557 172

New Home to School Applications – SEN & Post 16



SEN Transport


Jodie Brown


01482 613 179

07769 907 311

Last updated: 11/30/2022