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Project Search - CHCP and Wilberforce Sixth Form College

** Read the latest newsletter here** >> Project Search Newsletter - September 2023

In partnership with Wilberforce Sixth Form College and City Health Care Partnership

Project SEARCH is a one-year internship programme for students with disabilities. It is targeted for students whose goal is competitive employment in the community.
Opportunities are very diverse and include health care, universities, manufacturing facilities and more.

Students participate in three rotations to explore a variety of career paths.

Each student works with a team that includes his or her family/carers, an instructor, job coaches and host business mentors to create an employment goal and to support the student during the transition from school to work.

Contact Details are as follows…

Stewart Edwards SDE@wilberforce.ac.uk

Wendy Macadam wm@wilberforce.ac.uk


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Last updated: 7/20/2023