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You Said .... We Did

Feedback from young people, parents, carers and professional about the websites look, feel, accessibility and content and the changes we made as a result.

Please note that links to documents in the pre 2022 folders relate to the old website and will no longer work. 

You said that you did not know about Changing Places toilets and did not know where to find the information.

The information is on the website, but needed updating. We also shared the information on social media and it will form part of the social media content plan in the future. We changed the name of the section on the Local Offer to Equipment and facilities and will speak to parents to see if this is an appropriate heading.

You said you could not find information on the eating disorder ARFID

We researched information on this and other eating disorders and added them to the Health directory here Health | Hull SEND Local Offer (mylocaloffer.org)

You said that it was not clear on the website what age children the Child Disability Team worked with.

We confirmed it was for children up to 18 years and the information was made clear on their page Child disability team | Children and Families | Hull SEND Local Offer (mylocaloffer.org)

You said that you had seen a great map showing Blue Badge parking areas and that it would be useful on the Local Offer.

We put the image on the Local Offer website here Blue badge parking scheme | Driving and Learning to Drive | Hull SEND Local Offer (mylocaloffer.org) and promoted on social media.

You said that there was little information on Elective Home Education (EHE) and Education Other Than At School (EOTAS) and what was available was spread over different areas of the website.

Working with parents and professionals we created a new area for this information here Elective Home Education | Education Options | Hull Local Offer (mylocaloffer.org) and here Education Other than at School (EOTAS) | Education Options | Hull Local Offer (mylocaloffer.org)

You said that this page held zero information - Information on the education options available in Hull | Education Options | Hull Local Offer (mylocaloffer.org) We realised that this was the landing page and that was not made clear. We have made changes to the wording to reflect this and direct people to the menu on the right.

Using the 'thumbs up, thumbs down' feedback you told us the link to the SEND Strategy on the SEND Champions page was not working. We fixed this and the link now works. Coproduction champions sought to develop SEND services in Hull | Coproduction Champions | Hull Local Offer (mylocaloffer.org)

You said that the Social, Emotional, Mental Health section in the SEND handbook had the wrong title. We fixed this. Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) | Identifying Learners Needs and Progressive Provision | Hull Local Offer (mylocaloffer.org)

You said that the hyperlink to the How are you Feeling website on the Voice and Influence page was not working, we fixed it. Hull Voice and Influence Team | SEND updates and Services | Hull Local Offer (mylocaloffer.org)

You said that the 'Useful Documents' link on the Education Health and Care Plan page was not working. We fixed this link and you can now access these documents. Useful Documents | EHCP information | Hull Local Offer (mylocaloffer.org)

You said that the postcode search was not bringing up results for PVI nurseries. This was a development issue which we have now fixed. You can find nurseries, schools, colleges in your area by entering your postcode and a mile radius. 

You said that the name of the website was confusing and did not reflect that is was for people with SEND - we asked you what you would like it to be called and the majority asked for The Hull SEND Local Offer. We have a new name and logo and in the process of printing leaflets, posters and working with families to find out what else they thing would be useful to promote the website.

You said that there was no information available for Elective Home Educated or EOTAS children/young people. We worked with parents to gather relevant information and designed a new Education area of the website. We have now completed this work Education | Hull Local Offer (mylocaloffer.org)

You said that not enough people knew about the Local Offer including parents and professionals. 27/4/22 We have put together an action plan to look at the necessary steps to ensure all relevant people know about the website and how to access it. This also includes asking people what promotion they think is best, staff training and production and distribution of leaflets.

You said - You asked us to you point you in the direction of the section that gives info on how the LA support children with medical conditions who aren't in receipt of an education as it was not on the Local Offer.You asked who the named person was and when the policy would be made available.

We did - Put the draft Hull City Council Health Needs Policy 2021 on the website which includes the name person. https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3295

Work with young people from Loudmouths and Gig Buddies - Becoming an Adult section Visit the section here.

You said that the introduction was not very friendly or easy to read and offered an alternative.

We used the alternative text in the new introduction https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3026

You told us that the Freetime section needed splitting up into different types of activities such as sports and arts so We changed the page so it has 6 separate headings.

You gave us lots of new content for the Freetime section of the website, and lots to research

We populated the Freetime area with the new services you suggested https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=5488

You asked up to include the Safe Place scheme so you felt safe whilst out doing activities

We added the Safe Place information https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3042&id=1c9cb882-dfa9-4b77-88ae-a7a7008fef7a

You asked us to include information on transport to help you get to and from activities.

We linked to the current transport page here https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3029 but plan to do more work to make information more specific to people 18 and over.

During the feedback G mentioned the boxercise classes he attended via Zoom. We looked into this and shared the service on the Local Offer. After speaking to the lady in charge, we shared with other Local Offers in the region and received this email - 

Hello Vicki:

Just a quick email to say THANK YOU for your support and signposting my services to your partners, both Leeds and Bradford local offer have been in contact, i’m about to set myself up with Nigel from Bradford council, a slightly different process.

It amazes me a small project from midland can have this far outreach.

Thank you so much.


A member of the Local Offer Development Group told us that the Hull Culture and Leisure HCAL information needed contact details and accessibility information adding.

We added this information in the HCAL sections here. http://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3048&Search=&Attribute=0E9EB848-1803-4425-9A20-A6BA00DACAC6,D6C4546C-66BA-488D-9086-A6F200B15A74


You told us that when you access the Local Offer website via your phone and laptop it highlights the website is not secure. My laptop sends an additional warning that my laptop may be more susceptible to virus and cyber attacks using an unsecure site. This may lead to people needing information clicking off the website before they find what they want.

We contacted the developers and raised this as an urgent issue. When the website was created it was felt that the SSL security certificate was not needed as no personal information could be added from a third party to the website. However in view of this feedback and that email addresses are now added on the Feedback form, a SSL certificate was purchased on 16 February 2021 and added to the website 2 March 2021. The website is now secure.


You told us that Carers Champion Training was on Connect to Support website and should be on the Local Offer

We placed the Carers Champion Training information on the Local Offer http://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3042&id=68b84e3d-bbf2-4a84-a381-ac8d00b8b720


You told us that you would like to see the criteria for the Sensory Processing Team.

We placed the criteria on the Sensory Processing Team page here http://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3042&id=76502822-a0a4-4837-8199-ac3f00be6dc3

You told us that the SEN transport criteria on the Home to School Transport page was incorrect and provided the correct information. You told us that the information was unlawful. http://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=2938

We passed your concerns on to the Transport lead who responded -  the page is an overview of the home to school transport service, which can be accessed by parents/carers.  As the detail and legal elements are included within the policy there are no current plans to extract any further information from the policy.  The page is not displaying anything which is not legal.  Parents/carers can access the link to the policy for them to read and gain in full a wider understanding of their child's entitlement and the LA responsibility in line with DfE guidance.

You told us that you could not find a list of different provision for post 16 for children with severe needs? 

We recreated the Becoming an adult section which included opportunities for those with severe needs. We are working with parents to check the information and have plans to work with young people in January 2021 to ensure the information is what they want to see and accessible. Feedback from Hull Parent's Forum parents was extremely positive. Find the page here. http://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3026.

You told us that the wording on the Sensory Processing service page was too difficult to understand with too much medical terminology, not very parent friendly.

We fed this back to the Sensory Processing service who produced new information that was easier to read. Parents agreed that this was much better and they felt listened to. Find Sensory Processing information here.

You told us that to make the website look more 'live' could we add a live feed to our Facebook page.


We added a live feed to our Facebook page on the rolling banner on the main page of the website.


Feedback from the COVID Send Survey - you told us that some telephone numbers were incorrect and search function brought up irrelevant results


We sent emails to all services on the Local Offer website asking them to check details. The information officer continues to review each section on a monthly rolling basis, emails services 4 times a year and the new Local Offer Development Group can discuss ways to check that entries are accurate and up to date. The search function has always been problematic and work is done weekly to improve this.


You told us that you could not find the information on the Local Offer website relating to the Coronavirus pandemic and felt the picture used was not clear.

The picture was changed to be more specific - The Coronavirus Outbreak FAQ and promoted on social media.


Task 1 of the Local Offer Development Group a parent told us that there was a lot of irrelevant information when searching for Autism services. These were listed on the Development Group feedback form. (March 2020)


The information officer worked through the form, deleting some services and adding others, linking organisations who provide services for people with autism.  The aim is to only bring up relevant useful search results for 'autism'


Task 1 of the Local Offer Development Group a parent told us that we did not have information on the website Ambitious about Autism which they believed was an excellent resource (March 20)


The information officer added information and a link to the website and available on the search results for 'autism'. Ambitious about Autism website


At the initial Local Offer Development Group meeting you told us that more professionals needed to know about the Local Offer and suggested LinkedIn. (Feb 2020)

The Information Officer now uses LinkedIn website to promote the Local Offer and share information. An Instagram account has also been created but more work need to be done to promote this.


At the initial Local Offer Development Group meeting you told us that we needed to add information on DLA, ESA and PIP (Feb 2020)

We found out the necessary information and added to this page in the MONEY area of the website http://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=2943



A parent told us they could not find EHCP Banding information on the website (16/06/20)

We pointed out the area of the website which held the information here and realised that it was quite difficult to find so added it to the EHCP Useful Documents here and directed search for 'banding' to this page to improve accessibility.

A young person told us they would like information on driving lessons for people with autism (11/02/20)

We created a new section 'Learning to Drive' and added useful information. We asked people via social media to take a look and let us know if anything else could be added.

You told us that the local offer was missing information on the Carers Card (04/02/20)

We found information on the Carers Card and added it to the Local Offer website here. Carers Card Information

You told us in December 2019 that you would like to be involved in developing the Local Offer website

We took names and organised an initial meeting of the Local Offer Development Group on 4 February 2020. As a result of that meeting we have a list of actions and a plan was made to send tasks out to check content and identify gaps. The first task went out on 17 February regarding 'autism'. Tasks will be sent out every 3 months. If you want to be involved please let me know by emailing localoffer@hullcc.gov.uk

You told us that you would like to be involved in developing the Local Offer website

We took names and organised two initial meetings, daytime and evening, of the Local Offer Development Group on 4 February 2020.

 You told us that there was insufficient awareness of the resources available in the local area             

We created a plan to improve the local offer website, updated areas including EHCP, Transport, short breaks and early years, ran a social media campaign to promote the website, created a targeted promotion plan, starting with every child in early years settings receiving a letter and flier about the local offer.

You told us via Ofsted about the variable quality and weaknesses reviewing EHC plans.

A revised draft EHC plan pathway has been completed following feedback from parents and Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs).

The EHC request for assessment documentation and process has been revised and developed in draft following information gathering from neighbouring authorities and consultation with schools and parents. The draft documentation is being trialled in the autumn 2018 and spring 2019 terms, feedback will then be sought and the documentation and process finalised.

You told Ofsted that you had a mixed experience of co-production in Hull. Some families said they had been ‘100%’ involved in the co-production of plans and provision but others that professionals and services do not listen and they feel that getting the help and support their children need is a ‘fight’.

Parents, carers and CYP have been involved in a variety of ways in the development of services in the priority areas; Local Offer, Eligibility Criteria, Short Breaks, EHCP, SEN Sufficiency, Personal Budgets, Transition Protocol, Paediatric Reviews, and Transport

Parents and carers are active members of a number of strategic groups and steering groups including the SAF Board

Additional posts of SEND Engagement and Feedback Officer and Young Persons apprentice have been developed and recruited

The SEND inspection in October 2017 identified that:

Few families knew about the resources and support for children and young people who have SEND and that the local area was not complying with the statutory requirement to publish information about personal budgets and as a result, the take-up of personal budgets in Hull was low. Parents reported that managing and reporting when they had two or more personal budgets was very complicated and time consuming.

The CCG has appointed a Personalisation lead who is working across health, social care and education for CYP, and health and social care for adults;

Personal health budget (PHB) information is available on the CCG website and is included on the Hull Local Offer website. All eligible CYP and their parents are provided with information on personal health budgets at the start of and upon review of their continuing care assessment;

Information on Personal Budgets in education is now published on the Local Offer

Feedback from schools and families alerted us to problems with the transition to adulthood process. In particular, unacceptable delays in the process of transition from children to adult services causing stress to families and relatively poor outcomes for young people with SEND in obtaining employment

We set up strategic and operational transition groups. We have set a target to increase the number of Supported Internships in the Hull area.

You told us that you had issues regarding transition      

We have produced a protocol (way of working) which sets out how the different services involved in the transition process for young people and parents/carers operate. This protocol has been co-produced with contributions from parents, and comments from young people and can be accessed here. https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=2935

You told us that the Home to School transport did not meet your child’s needs  

We made some positive changes and added further information in the Transport section here https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3029

You told us that parents, children and young people were not consulted enough

We employed a new Engagement Officer to support this work.

You told us there were more changing places than we had published on the website

We researched this and added the new ones here. https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3068

You told us you wanted more photographs       

Sadly Hull College were unable to work with us, so we met with CASE and hopefully their photography students will be taking lots of photographs to make the website appealing, including photographs of local places and people.


You told us you were unhappy with some aspects of Transport to school             

A SEND Accountability Forum (SAF) workstream was dedicated to transport and many changes have been made. https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3029

You told Ofsted that you did not know about the services available in Hull for you and you families.   

We ran a promotion on Facebook and Twitter to attract more visitors to the website and social media.

You emailed asking for caravan holidays for your child and gymnastic sessions             

We sent you a link to the Holidays section of the website and the Hull Special Olympics gymnastic page.

You told Ofsted that not enough people knew about the Local Offer website             

We have identified additional resources to support with marketing and communicating the Local Offer and are developing a plan to address this.

You said it needs more pictures to make the website more attractive    

We are always requesting pictures and adding them to relevant places on the website. We are looking into working with Hull College students to replace all cartoon icons with pictures of local people.

You said there should be more information on school's local offer and link to website

Where possible, the website now links to schools local offer/SEND pages.

You said to please include information on continence.  

We added information on continence care here. https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3042&id=2c41d25a-8aad-4a42-9a99-a6f201594f74

You asked if support services be split into different headings for the disability/special need they support to make it easier to search for the correct help.    

We added 16 categories down the left side of the screen to enable users to choose the services right for their need.

You do not have a web reader, can you add one            

We do have a web reader call BrowseAloud but it has become clear that nobody actually knows what it is or does.  We have started promoting this on social media and look at ways of highlighting it on the website

You said the website is boring, we want more pictures 

Some pictures have been added to special school entries and we are working on including more pictures in other areas of the website.

You said that the introduction to 'Special Schools' is too wordy and difficult to understand       

We have made the introduction simpler to understand with fewer words.

You said that it would be useful to have social media    

We created a Facebook page and a Twitter account

You asked if logo's could be added to support services to help you identify them easier      

Logo's have been added, some are outstanding and we are working on these.

You shared concerns about changing facilities in hull swimming pools.  

Feedback was shared with Hull Culture and Leisure who provided a list of changing facilities available to you and your children here https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3042&id=da0e6fd9-9088-49dd-9ad6-a80f00c30c5c

You asked if you can we have information on bus passes, where and how to obtain them, its confusing.        

Information has been added on bus passes here and links to the relevant Hull City Council web page https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3949

You asked for more pictures of people in wheelchairs.  

During consultation this was only highlighted by one person, should more people request pictures we shall look at adding them.

Please add NRS wheelchair repair services         

Information on this service added to relevant section. https://hull.mylocaloffer.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=3766

You said that you could not find information on KIDS befriending service.             

We added Information on this service to website.

You said that there was no information on Transition.  

Currently services are working on creating a Transition Protocol.  As soon as any information is available to be shared, it will be put on website.

Searched for swimming but no results came up

Swimming entries added to the website.

The information on sexual health is not clear or complete and Cornerhouse is missing

We contacted City Health Care Partnership CIC and added relevant information, including information about Cornerhouse.

 You said that the search did not bring up results when we typed in a question for example - how much does it cost to go swimming.   

We are looking at the search function and continually developing it. We suggest that you pick a keyword for what you are looking for.  For example instead of typing ‘how much does it cost to go swimming’ type ‘swimming’.  This should bring up better results.

You said that you do not know where to go first on the website to find the information we need.   

We changed the title from ‘Where you live’ to ‘All you need to know’ and put clearer instructions on the front page. We are still working on a suitable title for the main page.

You said that had problems accessing a weigh in clinic at my local children's centre because I was not allowed to take my son's pram (which I need to transport his oxygen) into the room. This caused me upset and stress and I did not want to go back.             

We reported the problem to Integrated Service Manager, Children's Centres, who passed on the complaint to the children's centre workers who then contacted you

You said that the search results came up in no particular order and it would be easier if they were listed alphabetically.        

Set the search function to list all results alphabetically - this has now (April 2018) being changed to the most appropriate result first.

You said that the website was not user friendly for people with poor vision and poor literacy           

We researched a web reader and working towards installing it on our website in the next few months

You said that you could not find anything on the old site as there was no search function

We put in a new Search function which is easy to use and brings up useful results

During consultation that you like the look of the village on a site we used as an example.     

We created ' The City' using Hull and some of its landmarks

During consultation that you were worried that 'The City' might be 'too busy' and hard to follow for some people.     

We made 'The City' clear and concise, removing unnecessary images and also put tabs underneath to direct people to the relevant section without having to look at the map.

Last updated: 11/6/2023