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Hull City Council Transport Policies and Guidance

Home to School and College Transport Policy

In line with the Department for Education to School Travel statutory guidance we have agreed the following policy


For the 2021-22 academic year this includes:

  • Compulsory school age pupils
  • Pupils with special educational needs and disabilities
  • Post 16 students

Privacy Notice Home to School Transport

Passenger Transport Services Drivers

All drivers who transport children and young people home to school are contracted by Passenger Transport Services on behalf of Hull City Council in line with the council’s procurement guidelines.  All contractor operators must abide by the contract schedule to which they agreed when they submitted a tender to carry out transport services on behalf of council.  All contractor operators are periodically checked and monitored to ensure they abide by the contract schedule; to which they report back to Children, Young People and Family Services as part of the Service Level Agreement which is in place.

All drivers have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and attend mandatory safeguarding training.

Transport Passenger Assistants

Passenger Assistants are provided on vehicles to care for a child or children on their journey to and from school.  All passenger assistants are first aid trained, have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and attend safeguarding training.

Passenger Assistants are employed by Hull City Council and therefore abide by the councils policies and procedures.  All Passenger Assistants adhere to the following guidance:

Guidelines for Passenger Assistants on the Transportation of Pupils (insert link to the guidance)

All Passenger Assistants have been issued with a mobile phone; this is to assist in improving the communication between Passenger Assistants and parents/carers whilst children are being transported.

Mobile Phone Guidance

Mobile Phone Guidance - transport.pdf

Guidance for Parents/Carers

Before your child commences home to school transport parents and carers are advised of pick up and drop off arrangements, the company who will be transporting the child, the name of the driver, the  name of passenger assistant (if one is allocated) and the mobile number of the passenger assistant.  A guidance booklet will also be issued:

Home to School Transport Guidance Booklet

For children who have a medical need the child’s medical condition, emergency action plan is produced and a copy is held by the Personal Assistant in case of an incident or an emergency.

Medical Needs Care Plan (insert link to the form)

Passenger Assistants are not trained to administer medication; however will follow advice and guidance when emergency services are call.

Child in Crisis

Sometimes a child may experience a crisis. This can be either whilst they are being transported or while they are attending school. Therefore it may not be possible to transport the child home on their regular vehicle due to either the child refusing to board the vehicle or due to the risk posed to the other children who they would be transported with.  The child’s school and Passenger Transport Service will in all cases assist the child during these situations in line with the following guidance:

Passenger Transport Services Personal Assistant Guidelines 22 23

Last updated: 11/17/2021